Self Adhesive FOTODEK®

Cards with self-adhesive backing are widely used to add photo ID to proximity cards, and other cards that cannot be directly printed onto.

Additional uses include asset tagging and product identification plates.

Self-adhesive cards are available in several thicknesses, as well as options of CR79 and CR80 sizes.

The 250 micron Mylar® backed option provides a super-thin finished product, whilst the mylar backing ensures stability during printing.

Features & Benefits

  • Strong adhesion characteristics safeguards longevity of use
  • Exclusive manufacturing capabilities ensure card edges are free of excess adhesive
  • Most options are available in undersize CR79 (84.25 x 52.25mm), or credit card size CR80 (85.6 x 54mm)
  • Cards are PVC for direct card printing
  • High quality FOTODEK® finish for optimum print clarity
  • All cards manufactured to ISO standards
  • Card surfaces are clean and scratch and burr free
  • Cards are packed in 100s and supplied in clean, dust-free, anti-static packaging

Premium Combinations

Size/Gauge Backing


Per 100

WF25-SA-P CR80/250 micron 350 micron Mylar® £85.00
WF25-SA-P-U CR79/250 micron 350 micron Mylar® £85.00
WF32-SA CR80/320 micron 175 micron paper £34.00
WF32-SA-U CR79/320 micron 175 micron paper £34.00
WF40-SA CR80/400 micron 175 micron paper £36.00
WF48-SA CR80/480 micron 175 micron paper £38.00
WF48-SA-U CR79/480 micron 175 micron paper £38.00

To add extras to any of the above suffix existing code as below.  Combinations of suffix codes may be used when multiple options are required.  Please take into account position of antenna in host card when specifying slot and hole punching.  Please note MOQs may apply to some options.

ISO — White Signature Panel in standard ISO position 

CS — White Signature Panel in central ISO position 

OS — White Signature Panel in offset position 5mm from card edge 

LS — Slot 3 x 15mm positioned 5mm from card edge landscape format

PS — Slot 3 x 15mm positioned 5mm from card edge portrait format

LH — Hole 5mm diameter positioned 5mm from card edge landscape format

PH — Hole 5mm diameter positioned 5mm from card edge portrait format