Our Authenticity

All blank cards are not the same.

Unlike much of its competition, FOTODEK® products have been developed over many years, and are produced specifically for high quality ID applications.

FOTODEK® cards are superior branded products, producing exceptional results.

Beware of copies, alternatives, or cards being sold using the protected brand name.

Detailed below are two simple checks you can make to quickly and easily verify the authenticity of your FOTODEK® products.

FOTODEK® cards are unique, the finished product is of superior quality, and printer head life is dramatically extended.

Protect yourself by ensuring the authenticity of your FOTODEK® product; here’s how:

  1. All FOTODEK® cards are delivered in printed FOTODEK® branded packaging.
  2. All FOTODEK® boxes carry the unique FOTODEK® hologram.

Genuine Products, Genuine Quality  – insist on FOTODEK®